Al Ansari Law Firm

AlAnsari Law Firm is an established which provides legal advice locally & globally.
AlAnsari Law Firm has 9 lawyers and 13 legal advisors and an internationally recognized lawyer.
AlAnsari lawyers and consultants are committed to quality standards in the performance of services, legal work and its capacity on a large scale. Due to the firms’ depth of knowledge in the legal field and its ability to meet the needs of customers, as well as efficiency and flexibility in the work. The Professional lawyers at   AlAnsari

Law Firm are also working on identifying the options available to its clients, taking their hands and qualifying them to make the most appropriate decisions in order to secure their position and protect their business and activities.


“AlAnsari Investment” is based on a team of highly qualified professionals. It offers it’s services in the field of investment in high quality, using the latest business management techniques and investment programs in selecting and executing leading investment projects and providing real addition in the field of development and investment trading.

Investment is a specialized entity within of Ali Mohammed AlAnsari Holding group, which includes several companies specialized in providing integrated services and distinctive work in the United Kingdom and covers services throughout the project.

AlAnsari Investment’s work includes all phases of the project’s life, including investment opportunities, preparation of feasibility studies, implementation of the project, completion of the project either we operate it or sale it and reaping desired returns.


Under the slogan “Administrative development through advisory services” in light of local and global changes, and the intensification of competition, and the development of the needs of citizens, and with the weakness of some systems, structures, strategies and human competencies, our group is pleased to provide management consulting and its importance as a means to assist in the development of management in all its forms and types, and it has become one of the subjects that need special attention and a big push from the concerned authorities, whether governmental or otherwise, for their great role in achieving the development and expansion of the administrative capabilities, which necessitates comprehensive and continuous development in order to cope with these variables and to keep them stay and entrepreneurship.

Areas of consulting services
All fields of higher management such as:

  • Senior Management consulting.
  • General Management consulting.
  • Legal advice.
  • Financial consulting.
  • Marketing and advertising consulting.
  • Feasibility Study consulting.
  • Project Management consulting.
  • HR consulting.
  • Real Estate consulting.

training courses

Considering the technical development of the world today and the increase in competitiveness and the multiplicity of fields of experimental and human sciences, the need for urgent and important training courses for institutions and individuals. Enterprises need to increase productivity and increase sales in order to achieve the highest investment return in their field.
Human resources through specialized training courses and annual training budget. Organizations need to evaluate their performance each time in order to identify and address weaknesses through training courses offered to employees as a means of addressing their weaknesses, developing and improving performance. 

Operating and Maintenance

The operation and maintenance sector are one of the main sectors of Ali Mohammed Al Ansari Holding Group. Al Ansari Operation & Maintenance is the main provider of operation and maintenance operations across Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Al Ansari is currently one of the leading maintenances and operation companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through its participation to provide the market with effective ways to calculate the cost, which in turn guarantees the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of the facilities of Al Ansari customers. Regardless of the size, scope or complexity of the job, Al Ansari provides professional services in a variety of disciplines, enabling its clients to achieve success through wide-ranging goals.

Real Estate

Ali Mohammed Al Ansari Real Estate Company is a subsidiary of Ali Mohammed Al Ansari Holding Group, a real estate agent accredited to a rental program with long and extensive experience in the field of building and real estate management of all types Enable them to bear the burden of managing your properties on the basis of scientific and practical sound.
Our business processes have been developed over the years and over time we are constantly improving our services to ensure that you deliver the highest levels of performance and services to the highest standards.
The real estate market is a world with a wide horizon that requires unique skills and competencies, and unique capabilities to find innovative solutions that are in the interest of all parties and meet the specific needs.
Ali Al Ansari Real Estate Company has been able to take the lead in the field of real estate services, providing its clients with comprehensive, comprehensive services that meet their needs and requirements:
⦁ Property Management.
⦁ Real estate valuation.
⦁ Real Estate Marketing Sell or Rent.
⦁ Studies, and real estate consultancy.

Public relations

Ali Mohammed Al Ansari Holding Group aims to document the relationship, trust and relationship between the company and the community, individuals and institutions, and contribute effectively to constructive media treatment in presenting issues and clarifying related matters.
Al Ansari Public Relations prides itself on its strong relationships with the media, business and others. Through its professional experts, it provides strategic media thinking to customers on their various activities through the design and implementation of professional communication plans with an effective content to build a mental image of target audiences and deliver customer messages through various traditional and modern media Audio and video, internally, Arab and worldwide.
It also provides partial public relations services related to conferences or events. In addition, Al Ansari public relations manages Highly efficient with customer crises through various media.


AlAnsari Finance is the best in finding innovative financing solutions for small and medium enterprises that seek to achieve long-term growth, as well as providing the best and most suitable financing for individuals in the Eastern Province.
Financing solutions
Our solutions are detailed, a process that addresses the challenges of the business world. Each facility we serve has its own identity.
Our team
Has high professional skill and able to respond to all inquiries of the client in an effective and fast.
 including but not limited to:
⦁ Industry.
⦁ Construction, construction.
⦁ Health care and clinics.
⦁ food, drinks.
⦁ Agriculture.
⦁ Transportation.
⦁ Travel, tourism.
⦁ real estate, property management.
⦁ Retail.
⦁ Education.
⦁ Pharmaceuticals.
⦁ Car Rental.
⦁ Technology.
⦁ Entertainment.

Human Resources

“Changing” is the fixed reality in the labor market, where no one is immune against changing in an ongoing manner. Al Ansari Human Resources focuses on helping any organization either if its company or institution not only embrace changing but also meet its challenges to achieve the best results in support more productive working environment.
Al Ansari Human Resources is one of the most reliable companies specialized in finding of this type of employees who contribute adding value to your companies.
The diverse human resources focus on the entire functional life cycle, offering multi-choice human resources to companies, institutions and entrepreneurs with experienced outsourcing, employee development and facilitation of employment and employment services.
It is one of the companies that you can use and rely on with confidence to get all your answers for your questions and solutions for your problems. We have collaborated with companies of all sizes, contributing significantly for their ability to recruit and develop the most productive staff.

Advertising and Marketing

Al Ansari Marketing offers a wide variety of services related to the sale, display, development and services of products that attract the attention of consumers and customers. Our services include providing sellers and vendors.
Marketing consultancy
⦁ Market strategy Identify the target group.
⦁ Market research and consumer.
⦁ Competition assessment.
⦁ Definition of products.
⦁ Price policy.
⦁ Distribution policy.
⦁ Sales Activation
⦁ New product development.
⦁ Evaluate available export opportunities.
⦁ e-marketing.
⦁ New strategies for institutions in open markets.
⦁ Skills of preparing successful marketing plans.
⦁ Identify current market needs.


Al Ansari Contracting Establishment offers its services and activities in a number of areas under the umbrella of contracting and construction ranging from architectural projects, construction, infrastructure, and others.
These include: foundation works, insulation works (thermal / water / sound), concrete structures (buildings / bridges / sea walls), construction work, carpentry, glass, wood, sewage, and other related services.
The Foundation is also keen on completing all the security and safety studies for each project.
 Insulation works.
bone work.
Excavation and backfilling.
⦁ Public site works.
⦁ Surveying works.
⦁ Installation work of iron structure.

Hotel Management

Luxury hotel management offers interesting and profitable investment opportunities for those who recognize the potential of undervalued brands, real estate or markets.
Ali Mohammed Al Ansari Holding Group is one of the largest and most successful investors in the world, especially in the field of hotel management companies that serve elite and elite guests, and its approach focuses on seeking departments that seek excellence and possess the imagination and vision necessary to provide unforgettable experiences to their customers.
Our focus remains on identifying and pursuing the most promising investment opportunities in the management and operation sector.
With a leading position in the hotel industry and controlling stakes in some of the most attractive locations in the world, Ali Mohammed Al Ansari Holding Group is a key hotel management partner with approximately 13 hotels worldwide and 78 hotels under its operational management.

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